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The company “Marko” was founded in 1991. It is one of the largest private enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and one of the biggest shoe makers among CIS countries. About 4500 people make the company work stable. Three shoe enterprises of the company: JV “Marko” LTD, private enterprise “San Marko” and OJSC “Krasny Oktyabr” produce around 4 million pairs of footwear per year.
The main task of “Marko” is to produce only high qualified articles for the consumers.
The evidence of this is a number of rewards: 2 gold medals and 3 honorable silver medals in the Professional Nomination of the National Competition “the Brand of the Year”. According to the results of the international festival-competition “A choice of the year” JV Marko LTD confirms the high status of the native country footwear producer N1 during the period of 8 years. Children’s footwear “Marko” was highly estimated too. “Marko” footwear was chosen as the leader in the nomination “Children’s footwear N1 in Belarus”.

From year to year the enterprise wins in the competitions “The best goods of the Republic of Belarus” and “The best goods of the Republic of Belarus on the Russian market”.

JSV “Marko” had success in certification for the correspondence of enterprise work to international standards of the series ISO 9001-2009. It means that the quality management system of footwear production, that functions at the enterprise, is corresponding to the established world-wide standards. Due to the results of work, the enterprise was awarded the Prize of the government of The Republic of Belarus for the achievements in the field of quality. Not by chance JSV “Marko” became the first enterprise of the Republic of Belarus that got the name of “the most responsible participant in the international economic affairs”.

Annually “Marko” offers to its consumers more than 2000 new models as well as keeping the models as the “hits” which were in great demand for several seasons. Men’s, women’s and children’s footwear of “Marko” brand makes people happy with its diversity, exclusive design and elegance and the articles can satisfy even the taste of the most sophisticated customer. Footwear “Marko” has not only insuperable outlook, but corresponds today to such important requirements as high comfortability and quality. Every footwear collection finds its consumer.
The annual export is about 2 million pairs of footwear. The company has got long lasting relationships with clients from Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Estonia.

Besides, the company “Marko” is not only the producer of highly quality footwear that is produced at three enterprises: JSV Marko, private enterprise San Marko, OJSC “Krasny Oktyabr” but also:

  • Private enterprise “Vitma”, which specializes in the production of bags;
  • LLP”Marko-Serviz”, the retail chain of which has about 31 shops on the territory of the Republic;
  • Social-cultural objects: the restaurant Golden Lion, the brand bar “Nikolaevskoye”, the resort “Hotsy” and the business-center “ Marko-City”.

The merit of the company is the achievement of the high degree of loyalty of the customers. According to marketing research that were held by JSV “Marko”among customers, 53% of the interviewed buy 2-3 pairs of “Marko” footwear a year. The customers come back for “Marko” footwear again and again, because they are sure in the quality of shoes they buy. The loyalty of the consumers for the company – is as important for the company as the quality of shoes that are produced under the “Marko” trademark. Being recognized by the consumers – is the most important pride for the enterprise.